Oldie Buddy is a Home Care Agency that works closely to remove the confusion of the older people with reliable information. Our national phone service is run in order to help senior citizens and their close ones with genuine pieces of advice. In the declining years of life, older people become restless while facing any challenging situations and feel perplexed while taking any decisions. Their ignorance and lack of help lead them to take drastic decisions. As their mental stability lessens, they need someone who could understand their needs and worries. Our primary aim is to give them the proper care that they longed for and make them satisfied with the emotional support that provides them with a healthy and happy life.

We want to make the life of older people easier. For that purpose, our home care services consist of specially trained and skilled members who can meet all your needs. We don’t want to keep you in doubt. Providing you with valuable and helpful information will surely make your life more manageable. That is why we always try our hard to answer all your queries with satisfactory answers.

Information from broken sources can make your life miserable. You can’t always depend on google information as it always will not fit your requirements. That is why our telephone service aims at addressing all your queries in the best way so that there is no place left for dissatisfaction. Being the most reputed Old Caregivers service provider in Manchester, providing attention and care to the older people seems a matter of pride to us.

We want to give a complete sense of security to the old people and their family members. We understand the value of reliable information and proper guidance. We try to guide the old people in the right way so that they can live a carefree and joyful life without all worries. Our Senior Citizen Care service aims at clearing all the confusion and ignorance with the reliable information collected by our well-informed team of specialists and throughout the whole process, we remain highly sensitive. We want to clear all their confusion because we want to make them feel relaxed and prevent them from taking any wrong decisions.

Providing care to older people and making them feel relaxed is our primary responsibility. OldieBuddy runs a highly effective national phone service to help with advice coming from the experts.


We deliver you the answer that satisfies your query most appropriately. The staff members of our care agency are skilled and trained to identify the answers that best satisfy the query. Both human intervention and artificial intelligence are used in advantageous combinations for flawless guidance.

Exploring our resources, we can send you the advice guides to spot local services nearby. We run a sophisticated online repositor of credible data by dint of which we achieve our mission to guide older people in the country. Also, if ever we feel your needs are more pressing and need an expert intervention, we don’t waste time by keeping you in the dark. We will route you to the sources that best meet your expectations and satisfy your doubts better.

Whenever You Feel the Urge to Talk

We do not restrict our national phone service to just catering to your emergencies only. Ensuring emotional well being is quintessential for maintaining overall well being. If ever anyone feels emotionally or mentally drenched or lonely, feel free to dial the number, and our team is willing to listen to your story. For any practical support and assistance, we are available to talk and help. You are not as alone as you consider yourself. Support is just a call away.